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WeMB’s Business Performance
You can view the projects that have been carried out since 2008.

Performance of ES Division

Business Performance for 2023
Business Performance for 2022
Shinhan Card
Implementation of Information Security Governance Management Dashboard
Upgrade of Integrated Real-time Business Dashboard (Dream Canvas)
Shinhan Bank
Implementation of the Next-Generation System (for Monitoring Servers)
Samsung Card
Operation of IT Governance System
NH Nonghyup Bank
Upgrade of Mobile Device User Verification System
Implementation of IT Task Operation Service
KDB Korea Development Bank
Implementation of ITAM System (IT Asset Management)
Implementation of Integrated Campaign System for Customers
LINA Life Insurance
Upgrade of Integrated Monitoring System (for EOS)
LINA Financial Service
Upgrade of LFS Monitoring System
Lotte Home Shopping
Upgrade of Call System
Dongkook Pharmaceutical
PoC for Disaster Management Platform
SK hynix
Consulting for G-SCM (Global Supply Chain Management)
Extension and Upgrade of Network Facility Management System
Implementation of Remote Work Management Portal System
Upgrade of Newtork Config Automation System in the Wuxi plant, China
Consulting for FWMS Upgrade and Proxy Security Policy
Upgrade of Operation and Management System for FAB Security
Implementation of CAD Resources Management System
Implementation of Configuration Management System for Security Portal
Samsung Electronics (Semiconductor)
Implementation of Executives Dashboard (TOBIT SPA for HANA DB)
KLID (Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute)
Extension of Statistics System (HANA License)
Extension of the Next-Generation Local Taxes System (HANA License)
Business Performance for 2021
Hana Financial Investment
Upgrade of Integrated Management System
Hana Card
Upgrade of Integrated Management System
NH Nonghyup
Upgrade of Integrated Management System
Upgrade of IT Portal System
Upgrade of Server Management System (SMS)
Exstream Implementation Service
Samsung Card
Implementation of Procurement System
Shinhan Investment
Migration of Integrated Management System
Re-engineering of Backbone System
Shinhan Bank
Implementation of Integrated Management Dashboard for Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development
The Next-Generation System
Shinhan Card
Technical Service for Upgrade of Database Management System (DBMS)
Jeju Bank
Implementation of the Next-Generation Dashboard
SK hynix
Extension and Upgrade of NCA FAB (China, Chongquing)
Implementation of Security Inspection System for M16 Production Equipment
Implementation of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) System in Icheon, Cheongju, and Bundang Complexes.
Extension of NCA C2 WT Fab in the Wuxi plant and Interface with HIHAMS Network Management System (NMS)
Implementation of Integrated IT Security Dashboard
Upgrade of IT Infra Operation and Management System in Icheon Plant
Implementation of M16 Voice Infra Management System
Extension of DNS Analyzer UBA (ML)
Re-engineering of OA Network Topology
Implementation of M16 Infra Environment PH1-C (NFM Sensors)
Hanwha Solutions (Chemical)
Implementation of Smart Disaster Prevention System
(Korea) Public Procurement Service
Monitoring System of Railway Vehicle Maintenance
Business Performance for 2020
Samsung Electronics
Implementation of Integrated Management System interfacing temperature sensor
IT Asset Management System using RFID
3D Facility Management System based on IoT sensor
Shinhan Investment
Integrated IT Management System
Shinhan Bank
Integrated SMS Monitoring System for Incheon
Korea Post
Implementation of Contents Management System (CMS) for financial services
Samsung SDS
Upgrade of Integrated Management System for the Ministry of Economy and Finance accounting system (D-brain)
Korea Electric Power Corporation
3D Management System for monitoring TRS
Toray Advanced Materials Korea
Implementation of 3D digital twin based smart factory integrated management system
SPC Networks
Implementation of VAN Service Management System
SK hynix
Consulting for Master Data Management
Design and implementation of ICS Abnormal Event Detection System
IoT sensor based 3D Network Facility Management System for the Icheon plant
Implementation of IT Operation & Management System (Network Config Automation)
Implementation of Portal System for managing network devices
Security Portal System for information sharing system
Implementation of Portal System for integrated IT infra operation and management
IoT sensor based 3D Network Facility Management System
Security Log Analysis System for foreign branches
Financial Group 'A'
Implementation of FMS and PMS Dashboard according to the expansion of the server room
Power Platn 'P'
3D Underground Power Tunnel Integrated Management System based on IoT sensor
Company Q
Implementation of Dashboard for Network Threats Analysis System
Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial
Upgrade of Service Desk Dashboard
NH Nonghyup Bank
Development of IT Portal according to the upgrade of Cloud portal
NH Nonghyup
Development of On-call Management System
Business Performance for 2019
Hyundai Motor
Asan Vehicle Glass PT Automatic Transfer AGV
㈜LG U+
SMS spam anomaly control
Financial integration system construction
SK Securities
Building Big Data Platforms
Hwarang Village
Integrated operation system
CJ Logistics
Development of DMS Vehicle Registration I/F at Gonjiam SCM Center
Construction of Information security service system
K hynix
Building Wuxi Integrated Security Log System
Wuxi C2F PH-2 NCA advanced construction
Chongqing NCA establishment
Chongqing SIEM (dash board) construction_HySIEM
NCA Cheongju FAB application (NAND development evaluation center) and function improvement
R&D Center_NCA (WeMB TIM Manager, etc.)
Icheon R&D Center_NCA TPS management system construction
SCM mid- to long-term Master Planning Innovation Project in 2019
Enterprise-wide Standard Information_Secondary
Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial
Development of IF Link for HCCC Asset Management System
Development of HCCC Service Desk Advancement (Chatbot Link)
Improved TMC monitoring
National Pension Service
Construction of Jeonju ICT Center FMS Dashboard
NH Nonghyup
Nonghyup Bank Data Center Management System_DCMS
IT operation management analysis and prediction system (AIOps)
Operation automation function enhancement
Construction of advanced network management system
Bank of Korea
Purchase of next-generation integrated control products
Samsung Card
Operation of IT governance system
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Server event notification SW construction
Digestion water AOV drain system construction
Business Performance for 2018
NH Nonghyup Life
Implementation of an IT portal system to define the configuration items of IT assets and to systematically manage their life cycle
Samsung Card
Improvement project for IT Central
Designing the early warning control system that can instantly recognize the anomaly of MMS service
Daeyang Group
Implementation of FCT (Factory Control Tower) at Songtan Plant
SK Infosec
Implementation of security management system
SK Hynix
3rd stabilization projectof NCA and implementation of Icheon NW topology map
SK Hynix
3rd stabilization projectof NCA and implementation of Icheon NW topology map
Establishment of a physical security management system for M15 DSP
Expanded implementation of NCA (Wuxi, China)
CJ Logistics
Implementation of integrated dashboard through the link aggregation of data servers (Dongtan/Yangji)
NH Nonghyup Bank/National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Integration of IT management system in 2018
Company K
Implementation of IT asset management system
Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute
Upgrade of integrated management system functions
SMS/NMS (Splunk) Win Back
Hanaro Mart
Establishment of VAN dashboard for Hanaro Mart, SPC Networks
Korea Public Finance Information Service
Installation project of a computerized digital budget accounting system equipment
SK Securities
Integration of an SMS solution in the dualized operation and improvement of its functions
Business Performance for 2017
Korea Federation of Banks
CCTV additional installation
ACS pension system monitoring
Blockchain platform system monitoring
Hana Card
“Hana Members” e-PDS system monitoring
Transfer of “Hana Members” to Cheongna, and network extension
“Hana Members” usage control system monitoring
“Hana Members” backup data (VTL) monitoring
Massive e-mail sending system monitoring
“Hana Members” illegal transaction detection function and FDS duplexing monitoring
“Hana Members” informatization DT equipment warehousing and SW installation
SK Securities
Establishment of channel integration server SMS
Openview SW monitoring
Market price FEP server SMS SW monitoring
Woori Bank
Implementation of a next-generation IT operation management system (integrated management system)
Implementation of integrated information security control and index portal
Hana Financial Group & SKT
FinTech project with 51% share of Hana Financial Group and 49% share of SKT
(Implementation of an integrated dashboard)
Hana Financial Group
Implementation of an energy management dashboard kiosk and screen on the 1st floor of Cheongna Data Center Welcome Center
KB Capital
BTTC system monitoring
Network separation user monitoring
Shinhan Card
Additional development of a company-wide integrated status board (SHOW9)
Personalization promotion platform monitoring
Identity verification system monitoring
Personalized blockchain platform
BPR image encryption monitoring
Abnormal symptom detection system and malicious mail simulation training system monitoring
Samsung Card
Development of an IT-Central test process
KB Kookmin Bank
Company-wide integrated VDI (cloud PC) dashboard
Star Alarm branch channelization monitoring
Multi-login prevention monitoring
Upgrade of the main UI of the ITSM system comprehensive situation map screen
Shinhan Bank
Smart Work infrastructure monitoring
Shinhan Bank Mexico monitoring (addition)
Shinhan Bank Vietnam MIS monitoring
AI core platform and consultation chatbot infrastructure monitoring
Construction of fund-exclusive system following the designation of the trust bank for the National Pension Fund Bond
Hyundai Card / Hyundai Capital / Hyundai Commercial
Construction of a Hyundai Commercial TMC integrated management system
Advancement of Hyundai Card TMC and Hyundai Capital TMC
KDB Korea Development Bank
IFRS rear development system monitoring
NH Nonghyup Life
Non-structured data encryption monitoring
Construction of an IT governance portal
NH Nonghyup Bank
Establishment of an integrated access management system
(IT system management, system dualization, work plan, indoor location tracking, visitor management system)
Additional construction of ERS S3
Expansion and advancement of SIT H3
Construction of the PNK Cheonan L5 firefighting water AOV drain system
Upgrading of the existing system’s function
Upgrading of the base station management monitoring system
Kyobo Life Insurance
Construction of a next-generation system
Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO KDN)
Construction of a smart power facility monitoring system to link and control 250 sensors within the power facility using Point Cloud survey data
Nonghyup Property & Casualty Insurance
Advancement of the existing ITSM system
Linkage with JobPass and DBSafer
National Transport Information Center
Construction of an integrated traffic control room
CJ Logistics
Construction of the monitoring system for a super-sized logistics hub center’s terminal, facility, vehicle, and dock
Business Performance for 2016
Samsung Card
Establishment of the ARIS system
IT governance
Hana Financial Group
Cheongna Data Center management system (DCMS)
Hana Financial Investment
Next-generation integrated operation management system
Hana Card
Monitoring of the personal credit information misuse monitoring system
Monitoring of the secondary network separation system webmail system
Monitoring of the Chinese payment service system
Monitoring of the development and disaster recovery system
Hyundai Card
Establishment of an ITC global system
Hyundai Card / Capital / Commercial
Network monitoring system
KB Capital
IPT system monitoring
Integrated file sharing system monitoring
Shinhan Bank
Monitoring of the non-facing real-name authentication system
Monitoring of the deep-learning-based FDS detection model system
Monitoring of the open-API-based group ICT platform system
Monitoring of the gold bar service system
Monitoring of the next-generation consignment system
Monitoring of the core system infrastructure system
Monitoring of the external agency system
Shinhan Card
Monitoring of the Internet network connection system
Monitoring of the global call center Indonesia system
Indonesia infrastructure integrated monitoring system
Shinhan Khmer Bank
Debit card system monitoring
KDB Korea Development Bank
Media center system monitoring
UMS system monitoring
Configuration management upgrade
Backup & system monitoring
Vulnerability check system monitoring
IFRS9 system monitoring
NH Nonghyup
Separate construction of an IT portal and an integrated management system
Construction of an integrated IT center security analysis environment
Credit security system monitoring
Monitoring of the common switching system and the first-half system
Performance management system monitoring
Telebanking system monitoring
NH Nonghyup Bank
Construction of an integrated IT center control room & system
NH Nonghyup Life Insurance
EDW system monitoring
NH Property & Casualty Insurance
ITSM system
Daishin Securities
Integrated infrastructure monitoring system
City of Seoul
Operation and management of the Senior Portal 50+ Seoul system
National Health Insurance Service
Establishment of ITAM
Establishment of a visualization solution
Chungcheongnam-do Office of Education Research and Information Institute
Expansion of the humidifier
Samsung Electronics
Construction of an ERS system
Hanwha S&C
Cloud monitoring system
BSM monitoring
Hyundai Heavy Industries
ITSM system upgrade (HTML 5)
Hyundai AutoEver
Construction of the Gwangju Hyundai Motors Data Center management system & control room
Eland Systems
Construction of the CTI system
Infrastructure management system
SPC Networks
Integrated IT infrastructure & service monitoring system
T-BPM surface management system
KTNET(Korea Trade Network)
UCMDB system
PlanTo Business Consulting
Construction of Samsung Medical Center EDW
Business Performance for 2015
Samsung Card
IT governance system
Next-generation digital channel construction project (SR simplification and EA management function improvement)
Shinhan Bank
BPR system monitoring
Smart banking system infrastructure monitoring
SAP server monitoring
Monitoring of the separated storage of customer information
Monitoring of the PC On and Off history management system
Mobile application management system monitoring
Monitoring of S-Drive, the file sharing system’s personal information search system
Monitoring of the derivative product and risk management infrastructure
Integrated management of the BPR system infrastructure
Shinhan Card
Integrated monitoring of the identification authentication automation system infrastructure
Company-wide work monitoring system (SHOW9)
SAP server monitoring
Integrated management of the BPR system infrastructure
NH Nonghyup
Upgrade of the integrated management system
Implementation of an operation room for the quick-response-to-failure system
NH Nonghyup Life Insurance
Establishment of an ITRM system
Internal accounting system monitoring
IBK Industrial Bank of Korea
IT operation management system
Monitoring of the subsystem expansion resources
Hana Financial Group
Integrated management and server management system for integrated membership system
Hana Bank
Hana Call Center Visual ARS monitoring
Hana Card
Upgrade of integrated management and additional installation of a server management system
Korea Development Bank
Monitoring of the administrative information joint use system
FDS system monitoring
Portable branch monitoring
E-newsletter platform monitoring
Hyundai Card
Improvement of the batch monitoringscreen
Capital call center monitoring system (integrated management area)
Hyundai Card / Capital / Commercial
Integrated monitoring of ITCC MCS
Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education
Special education support system
Samsung Electronics
K1 Smart SSL system
S3 Smart SSL system
SK Hynix
Upgrade of integrated management system
Deloitte Anjin LLC
Management consulting system for National Community Credit Cooperatives Federation
KEB Hana Bank
Hana/Korea Exchange IT integration project (financial accounting)
KB Kookmin Bank
Upgrade of the information system
Samsung Electronics
3rd stage of the GCT implementation at TP Center
National Health Insurance Corporation
National health information DB reinforcement project
GS Home Shopping
Reimplementation of an information system
Samsung Electronics
2nd stage of the GCT implementation at TP Center
Samsung Electronics
GCT mining solution and consulting
Business Performance for 2014
Shinhan Life Insurance
Upgrade of the situation management system
NH Nonghyup
Supply of SW for (common) performance management and integrated management work
Hana SK Card
Expansionof the performance monitoring system
NH Nonghyup Bank / NH National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Supply of the IT servicefor the re implementationof the work automation management system
NH Nonghyup
Expansion and development of the 2nd (common) IT asset management system
IBK Industrial Bank of Korea
Implementationof a video monitoring system for the integrated-post next-generation purchase of goods (3rd)
KB Capital
Supply of the service related to the relocation of the computing center
KB Capital
Supply of the service and appliances related to the relocation of the computing center
IBK Industrial Bank of Korea
Implementation of an IT operation and management system
NH National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Backup verification system construction support service
Shinhan Capital
Establishment of a next-generation IT system
NH Nonghyup Life Insurance
Implementation of an integrated management and server management system
Samsung Electronics
1st stage of the GCT implementation at TP Center
Hana Bank
Upgrade of the information system
NH Investment & Securities
Advancement of the information system
Business Performance for 2013
Hyundai Card
Implementation of next-generation BSM for Hyundai Card, Capital, and Commercial
Industrial Bank of Korea
Implementation of a next-generation integrated IT operation and management system
Shinhan Bank
Relocation of Jukjeon Data Center and Construction of DCMS
KDB Korea Development Bank
Construction of an integrated monitoring system
NH Property and Casualty Insurance
Implementation of a next-generation integrated IT operation and management system
Establishment of a next-generation e-banking system (integrated management area)
Integrated facilities management
3D surface management based on real images
Integrated connection of facilities and the IT system
Implementation of a facility support DB
Implementation of SAS (smart alert system)
Woori FIS Group
Implementationof a joint server management system
Implementation of an IT service level management (SLM) system
Business Performance for 2012
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s Distribution Center
Integrated management and supply of SMS SW
ITO company-wide IT asset management
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s Distribution Center
Installation of server management SMS SW for 2nd disaster discovery system
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s Distribution Center
Implementation of IT service level management system
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s Distribution Center
Supply for IT service level management system SLM SW
Nonghyup Agricultural Information System
Establishment of an integrated backup management system (development in linkage with ITSM)
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s Distribution Center
Installation of the 1st-stage SMS SW for the expansion and implementation of a disaster discovery system
Shinhan Data System
Supply for ITSM operation
Shinhan Card
Supply for HW and SW
Establishment of a company-wide IT asset management system
Shinhan Savings Bank
Supply for IT system SMS implementation appliance
Business Performance for 2011
Korea Exchange
Establishment of IT investment performance management for the next-generation business information system
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Installation of system SW (SMS, PIM Agent)
Shinhan Bank
Supply for monitoring solution infrastructure for the implementation of NexB and OpenBanking
NH Investment & Securities
Installation of SW in relation to the expansion of the 1st infrastructure system
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Additional implementation of ITSM and SW for integrated management
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Establishment of an IT asset management and ITSM advancement system
NH Card
Implementation of SMS for information system construction and integrated management SW
Shinhan Investment
ITSM implementation/ITSM and smart portal solution
Shinhan Financial Group
Establishment of an ITSM system
Hana Financial Investment
Supply and installation of a system performance failure management monitoring SW
Business Performance for 2010
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Installation of commercial SW (SMS, PIM Agent)
Hana Bank
Installation of system operation management solution
KT Commerce
Installation of IT discovery tool DDMi related to the cloud business
Hana Bank
Installation of a retirement pension system infrastructure (HW, SW)
Hanwha S&C
Implementation of an FA-SR-IBM-integrated dashboard
Hanwha S&C
Implementation of an S-R99-03990-integrated dashboard
Shinhan Card
Purchase and customization of an integrated management system solution
Lotte Data Communication
Establishment of a failure management system
Lotte Data Communication
Supply of the implementation of the group’s joint work APM system solution
Hana SK Card
Implementation of the next-generation system’s joint infrastructure
Sookmyung Women’s University
Development of SMS and NMS solutions
Business Performance for 2009
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s Distribution Center
Installation of a server management system (SMS) SW
Shinhan Bank
Implementation for the system duplexing (configuration management and airport exchange) and SW upgrade, integrated management platform, and PIM performance control SW purchase
Shinhan Investment
SMS (TOBIT) customization
Integrated monitoring system implementation and tuning
RF traffic card system work program and system management
Eland Systems
Implementation of an ITSM operation management automation solution
Business Performance for 2008
SK Securities
Supply of a next-generation software
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance
Installation and developmentfor WeMB TOBIT &Xenian
Installation and developmentfor WeMB TOBIT &Xenian
2nd-stage implementation of the ITSM system
Nonghyup National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
ITSM implementation / ITSM package
Korea Communications Standards Commission
Implementation of a digital broadcasting deliberation system and system performance improvement
Daishin Securities
Establishment of a next-generation system
Implementation service for the server performance management system
Hana Bank
Supply of a next-generation system operation and management system
Shinhan Bank
Supplying IBMS system appliances
Shinhan Bank
Supplying Internet banking system appliances
KB Kookmin Bank
2nd-stage development service for the re implementation of the Internet banking system
Kookmin Bank
3rd-stage implementation of the ITSM/ failure management system
Kyobo Life Insurance
IT facilities infrastructure management system
Hana Bank
implementation of an integrated next-generation operation and management system
Lotte Mart
Central control system implementation project
Lotte Shopping
Central control system implementation project