BigData & Analysis
This is WeMB’s BigData & Analysis Page.
Real-time Big Data Processing, Management, and Analysis Platform
SAP Big Data Platform provides a real-time data processing function by using data storage, as well as inputs and outputs based on SAP HANA In-Memory. It interoperates with big data solutions including HADOOP and NoSQL for real-time processing of big data. Interoperation with all Sybase DB is also enabled for processing various tasks and data. The results of the big data processing are printed by using various BI/Analytic solutions for the application to various businesses of customers.
Major Functions and Characteristics
1. Major Functions
1) Real-time big data processing
  • MPP-based Scale-out system
  • Structured and unstructured data analysis/processing : Sybase, HANA, HADOOP, and NoSQL
  • Advanced In-Memory DB Analytics : R/text analysis/predictive analysis
2) Real-time big data management
  • Integrated OLAP/OLTP management
  • Full Data Memory Loading : Data input/output and storage through memory
3) Real-time big data BI (Business Intelligence) support
  • Integration of massive structured/unstructured data : Real-time ELT tech support
  • Various types of big data analysis/report solutions are provided.
2. Characteristics
1) Application of integrated data processing framework
  • Data management optimized for each level of the data lifecycle process
  • Responses regardless of data sources, processing technologies, user requirements and requests related to delays
2) Real-time insights on the business process
  • Combination of the business process insights of structured data analysis and in-depth patterns and behavior analysis of unstructured data
  • Support for decision-making based on considerations from diverse perspectives instead of intuition or experience
3) Securing of new values of data
  • Focus on generating new values from data by enabling utilization of new businesses and technologies
  • Increase of current business scenarios based on new data insights for better decision-making
Additional Information
  • Hadoop-based Big Data Scenario through SAP HANA