CEO’s words
WeMB, as a leading IT organization, provides the best IT services and customer satisfaction.

Since WeMB was established in January 2004, it has lived up to the corporate value of ‘WeMB is a company that connects its employees’ happiness to clients’ happiness’ and grown as the current ICT management solution and services specialized company. Over the past 10 years, we have solidified our status as Korea’s leading integrated monitoring company based on our experience providing ICT management solutions and services to various clients.
We are preparing for the advanced ICT environment of the future through continuous research and development, and talent development.

WeMB developed Big-Data based analysis and prediction systems over a period of technological development and investment spanning several years, and also created solution systems for Contents of Everything (CoE), a sensor networking technology based in the areas of the future IoT / IoE. This will be able to translate massive amounts of data into meaningful information after quick and precise collection and analysis of data throughout the industry, and thus will play an important role in supporting effective decision-making through application to business predictions.

As such, future ICT will become more complex and specialized, and will lead to a world in which more rapid and precise informatization/visualizing
technologies become significant. WeMB will continue to self-improve and communicate with the market to lead the rapidly-changing ICT technologies of the future, and become an expert company specializing in ICT collection / analysis / prediction / visualization solutions.
Please support WeMB’s next leap forward and attempts to create new pathway for future ICT.
Thank you.