Inquiry & Contact
If you have any inquiries or suggestions about WeMB, please contact us using the information below and we will reply as promptly as possible.
Enterprise Business Division
Enterprise Sales Division
Dae Choon Im Division Head/Director 02-6963-9421
Sales Team 1
Geun Ho Yoon Senior Manager 02-6963-9422
Chae Yeol Kim Senior Manager 02-6963-9423
Sales Team 2
Hong Sik Um Senior Manager 02-6963-9467
Sales Support Team
Joseph Ahn Assistant Manager 02-6963-9554
SMD Business Division
Overall Situation Room System, Relational Image System Architecture/Design Inquiries
Dong Min Kwak Head Office Head /Director 02-6963-9550
Seongil Gye Division Head/Senior Manager 02-6963-9466