Control Room
This is WeMB’s Control Room Page.
Total One-stop Imaging Control System
The comprehensive control room provides various data and information fault processing and network service function through a large-screen multi display system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system provides users with quick and accurate information to enable improved service support. It also operates the infrastructure fault monitoring and alert system. This enables the system to detect signs of faults at the early stage and operate seamless services, ultimately improving ICT competitiveness and developing an optimized system.
Major Functions and Characteristics
  • Center infrastructure and interiors are designed and constructed for efficient control room displays, system configuration, and administrators’ movement and control.
  • Total one-stop solution including not only environment, facility, and display related functions but also operation and application functions related to the control room (consulting/design/construction)
Additional Information
Expected Benefits
  • A large number of HR should be allocated to the IT control room and other systems because they have heterogeneous operating systems with technological and budget requirements. The 24-hour control room restructures the heterogeneous operating systems,and it enables quick responses and processing by displaying or sharing related images on a large control board system. By using this system, a small number of HR can replace a large number of HR, and the control costs are reduced.