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Efficient Integration and Information Collection of Big Data
The bigdata management solution helps utilize complex information.

Big Data Collection Utilization Solution BridgeX

With the development of big data analysis and prediction solutions such as in-advance warning and failure prediction, the need to develop solutions for collecting, storing, and analyzing large volumes of raw data has increased.
WeMB's BridgeX is a big data collection solution that collects and stores data from various data sources. It periodically automates the information linkage from the information of the target to ensure the reliability and stability of automation.
Moreover, the extracted/linked data are presented to the user in real time through the stages of being stored in the integrated repository or reinterpreted as meaningful data reflecting the service logic.

Key Feature

  • 01Collects data from various types of data source

  • 02Stores data from various types of target

  • 03Uses a scheduler and optimizes the resource utilization

  • 04Provides high-availability (HA) support

  • 05Provides the Web UI-based management function

  • 06Provides real-time information that utilizes the memory DB

  • 07Provides the data encryption function between the manager and the agent

  • 08Provides information linkage through sequential procedures