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6 Patents, 4 Certifications, and 12 Brands
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WeMB’s Patents

  • Monitoring method for the unified management system, system for the same, and recording medium storing a program thereof
  • Metafile-generating apparatus for heterogeneous device environments and adaptive content servicing apparatus and method using the same
  • Providing a method for event information, integrated management system performing the same, computer program for the same, and recording medium storing the computer program thereof
  • Display panel with an image design
  • Integrated management method for the data center, integrated management system performing the same, computer program for the same, and recording medium storing the computer program thereof
  • Device and method for the dynamic display controller to provide a plurality of monitoring images
  • Method for monitoring time-series data, System for monitoring time-series data and Computer program
  • Event monitoring method based on event prediction using deep learning model, Event monitoring system and Computer program


WeMB’s Brands

  • Xeniview
  • SPP
  • IBSilon
  • TOBIT Integration
  • SignFlow
  • BridgeX
  • SignFlow
  • TOBIT Integration Manager
  • BridgeX


WeMB’s Certifications and Registrations

  • GS CertificationReal-time multi-IT-infrastructure data integration solution TOBIT
  • GS CertificationMobile management platform MOBIT
  • GS CertificationSmart portal platform SPP
  • GS Certification3D intelligent integrated management solution IBSilon
  • GS CertificationSolution specialized in visualizing information intuitively and easily to understand_RENOBIT
  • GS CertificationBig data collection utilization solutions BridgeX
  • TTA CertificationRENOBIT SmartCity
  • Innovative Product AwardRailway Vehicle Maintenance Monitoring System based on RAM Platform (KTCS-2)
  • Venture Certification
  • Innobiz Association membership card
  • Korea Information & Communication Contractors Association Business License
  • Korea Venture Business Association Regular Membership
  • Korea Software Industry Association Membership
  • Technically Competent Company Certification
  • Company Research Center Certification


WeMB's Awards

  • 2008 Innovative Technology Enterprise Award : in IT Service
  • 2009 Korea New Growth Power Award : Excellece Prize
  • 2010 Ministry of SMEs and Startups Award : Young Entrepreneur Award
  • 2010 Innovative Technology Award : in Integrated Management Solution
  • The 12th Korea Software Enterprise Comptetiveness Award : Grand Prize in DevOps Software
  • The 14th Innovative Technology Show Award
  • The 14th Korea Software Enterprise Competitiveness Award
  • 2017 Korea Industry Award : Grand Prize in ICT
  • 2020 Award for Software Industry Development : Minister of Sceince of Technology's Prize
  • 2022 The Order of Industrial Service Merit