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WeMB leads the market with
the best Digital Twin solution
The keys are data(collection), sharing(analysis), and operation(visualization)


WeMB is a digital twin solution expert group that constantly researches data/information with the mission of “a company that connects the life
of data and human values.”

In the future, the goals of ICT and business will be synchronized, and various big data and their management technology in the center will lead the development of ICT operation and management and the evolution of human life.

The key to a hyper-connected society through Digital Transformation is
data (collection),
sharing (analysis), and operation (visualization)

As a leading global ICT company, WeMB has core technologies that can meet the future needs of various customers and complex environments, and based on these technologies, we have been designing and redesigning various technologies for ICT-based real-world management.

is a company specializing in ICT data management total solutions that has achieved its current stature based on the no. 1 IoT and big-data integrated management solution.

In the near future,
we will always lead ICT-Data Business management in the frontline of all the industrial fields as a company specializing in AI-based big-data collection, integration/analysis, and prediction/ visualization solutions.

WeMB will continue
to focus on the development of key big data / IoT management technologies for the perfection of AI-based management with its talented individuals, high-level technologies, and endless passion,and will become a bright beacon in the ICT-Data Business world by realizing customer service efficiency improvement and management cost reduction through continuous production quality improvement.

We ask for your support and encouragement so that WeMB’s powerful light can reach the global market, beyond South Korea, and ask you to become our partners for our future growth.

Thank you. Employees of WeMB