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Solution / Product >Data Center Management
Management and Operation Solution for National/Public Facilities and Data Centers
Provides a single insight for operation by collecting/integrating the operational information provided based on the facilities


The most important operational indicator for the major national infrastructures, such as national/public facilities and data centers, for providing services in tune with their special purposes to ensure continuity/ stability/availability.
To manage this, various types of operational information have to be collected/integrated/analyzed.
A single insight with a single point of contact for operation is provided by collecting/ integrating the real-time performance information/event or alarm information on the infrastructure operation status and collecting/integrating the physical/logical operation information of IT services based on infrastructures through various sensors and management systems.

Implementation Area

  • 에너지 최적화

    Energy optimization

  • 데이터센터 관리

    Data center Management

  • IT센터 관리

    IT center management

  • 서비스 최적화

    Service optimization

  • 서비스 관리

    Service management

System Screen

Example of managing the data center’s overall operation status and energy change trends
Example of managing the overall operation status of large-scale factories and major facilities
Example of managing major national facilities like dams and bridges, and the inclines, including land subsidence and landslide prevention
Example of managing energy consumption trends by floor and major IT equipment
Provision of a user editing tool (editor) for the visualization of the center and major facilities
Analysis of the cause of the association between IT and equipment resources in the data center