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Solution for Optimized
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Efficient Management of Facilities with an Optimized System

Smart Portal Platform for Integrated Approval,
SPP - SignFlow

Time and cost savings can be expected by eliminating redundant tasks using common modules for the management of the approval line that is redundantly developed and managed for the individual work system. A centralized approval work through IT portals is needed through the unification of the approval management windows, the standardization of the individual work system approval production and management, and the information linkage of bi-direction approval processing between IT portals and individual systems using the IT portals.

Key Feature

  • 01Editing of the Approval Line

    The created approval line is reused as a template by providing the user edit function that is suitable for the work procedure.

  • 02Designation of Approver per Approval Line

    Edits the approver per approval line, and the final approver

  • 03Verification of the Approval Process

    Confirms the tasks waiting to be approved as well as all the progress stages and the current status of the requested approval

  • 04Notification of the Approval Process

    Provides the alarm transmission setting function that utilizes SMS, e-mail, etc.

  • 05Integrated Approval Function of the Final Administrator

    Enables the confirmation/control of the approval line list per integrated approval target system in one screen on My Work Status (My Approval Box)

  • 06Detailed Search Function of Approved Contents

    The detailed approval contents in addition to the integrated approval target system, the approval line name, the approver’s name can be confirmed in one place.

  • 07Convenient Service UI/UX

    Provides an UI/UX optimized for the organization and operational environment of the client company

  • 08Minimizing the Impact of the Existing Integrated Approval System

    Minimizes the impact of the existing integrated approval target system through a convenient and easy approval API

System Implementation Plan

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