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Solution/Product > IT Infrastructure/Portal/Automation
Solution for Optimized
IT Operation
and Service Management
Efficient Management of Facilities with an Optimized System

Multi-platform for IT Governance, SPP

SPP provides powerful process support tools to efficiently establish the IT management process and achieve stable process operation within the organization.
SPP enables the overall IT tasks carried out by the IT department, from IT planning to budgeting, contracting, operations, and performance, enabling organizations to continue their improvement activities.

Key Feature

  • 01Service management

    Processes the unification/visualization of the management process from request > failure > problem > change > distribution

  • 02Asset management

    Standardizes IT asset management, including the model/classification system of IT assets

  • 03Service level

    Provides standardized service catalog templates

  • 04ROI management

    BVEM preparation based on RACI

  • 05IT Billing Management

    Manages the charging account

  • 06Governance Management

    Provides the governance arrangement matrix