High Performance Analytic Appliance In-Memroy Database
High Performance Analytic Appliance In-Memroy Database
SAP HANA (high Performance Analytic Appliance) is the in-memory database and high-performance in-memory appliance product that combines software and hardware with the industry’s best hardware partner. By resolving I/O bottleneck, which is a major issue in existing RDBMS PERFORMANCE, it copies the legacy business transaction data like ERP to SAP HANA within a second. This realizes true RTE from the legacy system to the information system.
Major Functions and Characteristics
1.Major Functions
1) In-Memory Database
  • MPP
  • Column/Row type data storage/processing
  • Full Data Memory Export: Compression/export is performed by using five algorithms
2) Real-Time Replication Services
  • Real-time copying of data of SAP ERP and general DBMS to SAP HANA
3) SAP Business Objects Data Services
  • Export of external data sources through the batch method and provision of the ETL engine for export
4) Load Controller
  • In-Memory Database data loading control
5) In-Memory Computing Studio
  • Various DB model designing/application modeling tool within In-memory database
1) Real-timeliness
  • Data-based insights from any data source
2) Faster Speed
  • Big data analysis happens as fast as you can think
3) Flexibility
  • Removal of pre-processing requests
4) Broader Work Options
  • Big data management
5) More In-depth Analyses
  • Use of PAL (Predictive Analysis Library), the premium analysis tool for connecting, and Hadoop
Additional Information
In-Memory Applications
  • Online games
  • Software as a service
  • Risk management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Fraud prevention
  • Global web commerce
  • Algorithm trading
  • “What-if” analysis
  • Profit analysis
  • Inventory prediction
  • Supply chain tracking
  • Service delivery
  • Communications/media profits leakage analysis
  • Sales incentive management
  • Aviation/train/ship operation management
  • Intelligent metering/grid operation and others/li>

  • Etc