Company Overview
From IT Infrastructure Management to Big Data Processing and Analysis!
WeMB is a strong provider of Total Business Solutions.
Information & Communication Technology
‘s evolution changes the Real World.

The coming future will identify the goal for ICT with that for Business, and ICT’s evolution will lead the evolution of human life itself.
WeMB’s future is one of a future-oriented Global ICT leading company, which has the core technologies that it needs to respond to various clients’ future needs and the complex environment. Based on these, it is designing various technological evolutions for better ICT-based Real World Management.

Today, WeMB is a corporation that has grown by developing the leading integrated monitoring solutions. Moreover, WeMB will grow as a specialized data analysis, integration/analysis and prediction/imaging solution company based on Contents of Everything (CoE) in the near future.
As such, WeMB will lead the world as the front-runner in the ICT-Business.

Also, WeMB will always make client and employee satisfaction the top priority, and encourage continuous investment in people, technologies and services to provide quality ICT service as the core factor and protect the important values of the client, employee and WeMB.

WeMB will be a ‘lighthouse’ that provides guidance to future ICT-Business by developing ICT’s core technologies, enhancing service quality, improving management efficiencies, and reducing management costs with WeMB’s professional talents, high technologies, passion and challenge spirit.
WeMB will be the leader who always ‘challenges,’ ‘innovates’ and ‘builds trust’ to maximize its clients’ competitiveness and provide an advanced environment for future ICT-Business Contents.

Date Established Jan 16, 2004
Capital 620,000 USD (1USD = 1208 KRW)
Number of Employees 98 (as of Jan 2016)
Core Business Integrated Monitoring Solution, Image Monitoring & Situation Room Fault Prevention & Analysis,

IT Management & Green IT Consulting / IT Convergence, Business Solutions