ITInfra Management
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1. Enhanced Base System Integrated Monitoring :
  • Establishing the integrated monitoring base followed by unit system base
  • Additional development and automated server management system development followed by increase in the number of servers
2. Establishment of Real-time Service Management from E2E Point of View :
  • Establishment of real-time service management from E2E point of view to secure 24 * 365 service availability
  • Integrated management of detailed work service performance and process fault information
3. Securing the Visibility of System Operations Status :
  • Securing the integrated management of various items for monitoring and new solutions
  • Standardized data collection and management by unit system
  • Providing an integrated operations status that reflects the requests of various stakeholders from the field work, development, operations departments
4. Securing the Stable Operation of the Integrated Monitoring System :
  • Forming an operating platform that applies new technologies
  • Application of stable technologies that do not affect the existing operations server
5. Securing the Establishment of Integrated Operations and Management Systems :
  • Securing integrated management for each solution caused by switching to an open environment, and subsequent increase in resources
  • Secures integrated management data by solution in order to prepare resources increase caused by the transition of environment
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