This is WeMB’s PIM Page.
Real-time Multi IT Performance Data Integrated Solution
PIM (Performance Integration Module) is a near real-time server performance monitoring solution that collects data from IT server resources scattered around the management domain to support performance trending & comparison/analysis. It sends notifications when the threshold is exceeded to easily identify bottlenecks in server performance, and provides capacity planning for efficient operations.
Block Diagram
Main Functions and Characteristics
Near Real-Time Server Performance Collection
  • Log/Data collection using various sources such as log file, Database, JDBC/ODBC, XML
  • Performance data collection from GlancePlus /OS commands (sar, vmstat, etc.) - CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, et
Stable Data Collection Structure
  • Stable collection structure based on the patented technology
  • - Integrated Management Methodology, Integrated Management System, and its Documentation Media (Patent Number: 10-099247): Near Real-Time Monitoring of the targeted server's performance, statistics, errors, etc. and Integrated Monitoring System, Methodology, and its Recording Media for minimizing the management load
Additional Information
  • Central Concentrated Real-time Performance Monitoring
  • Data Threshold Management of Collected Data
  • Saving to DB after statistically processing
  • Intuitive view of performance data