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IT Infrastructure Management
The best qualities of IT Infrastructure Management are enabling the most "optimized IT operations and service management" by providing a preventive monitoring system and technologically integrated/streamlined service monitoring technologies for efficient and stable operations in all areas of the IT infrastructure.
IT Service and Business
WeMB Solution provides a powerful process support tool for stabilizing process operations and efficiently establishing IT management processes within an organization. It automates the entire process handled by the IT team, from IT planning to budgeting, consulting, purchasing, contracting, operating and performance evaluation, and through this automation, which reduces the risk of IT work, it manages resources and enables an IT governance model that can link with the organization's IT strategies.
National facilities or public facilities, data centers and key national facilities require that continuity, stability, and availability be secured as the most important indicators for operations that are suitable for their purpose to provide services.
WeMB provides business monitoring services based on big data analysis, and is expanding these to areas such as energy, production, and manufacturing management beyond the existing IT infrastructure and facilities monitoring. Real-time error and demand prediction functions are provided based on status monitoring and indicators data analysis optimized through a system that applies real-time data processing and IoT technologies.
WeMB's To Be Safe (To Be Safe) Solutions that support the national disaster management system and its establishment provide an effective accident/disaster management service that applies process and scenario technologies through analysis and predictions such that in the event of an incident/disaster, it can provide preventive/preemptive measures for the safety and happiness of the public.