This is WeMB’s TIM Page.

Real-Time Multi-IT Infrastructure Data Integration Solution
TIM is a data integration solution that collects, integrates and stores configuration data, performance data and event data generated and serviced by diverse solutions, including SMS, NMS, AMS, FMS, EMS, ESM, ITSM and BACKUP, in real time, and provides real-time data when requested by a user.
Block Diagram
Main Functions and Characteristics
  • Admin Function : TIM Manager enables the integrated management of TIM Agent Settings, operation/suspension and normal operation
  • Configuration Information : Regular collection and saving of configuration information
    (equipment name, IP, model, CPU/memory) of the management system
  • Performance Information : Collection and saving of real-time data and batch processing management of the performance statistics data
  • Event Information : Events are collected from each solution and integrated, and re-processed for integrated control