This is WeMB’s TOBIT Page.
Multi-Platform for Integrated Control (Enterprise Monitoring System)
The integrated management environment is provided as an Enterprise Monitoring System enabling fault management, performance management, network management, DB management and integrated management of AMS, FMX, EMS, ESM and ITSM data, in order to minimize operating and management costs. TOBIT provides a comprehensive monitoring information board as the dynamic and powerful front-end for evolving RIA-based web services and networks, in order to overcome the limits of existing html-based monitoring systems and improve data output.
Main Functions and Characteristics
Additional Information
  • Comprehensive Information Management System (TOBIT) :
    Comprehensive Information Board / Fault Management Information Board / Performance Management Information Board / System Information Board / Network Information Board / Indicator Information Board / Report Repository – Configuration Information – Real-Time Performance – Performance Statistics – Event – Fault Statistics – Operation Result Configuration Event Execution Result Performance Unit Management System / System Management / Network Management / Application Performance Management / Back-up and Work Management / IT Service Management Items to Be Managed – Networks – System – Point Solution – Application – Databases – Other Management Tools
  • RIA-Based Dashboard : Diverse effects and an intuitive UI are provided as Flash-based dashboard contents
  • Reduction of fault detection time : Series of fault handling process through the admin screen and various alert functions
  • Reinforced management and operation functions : Editing mode for comprehensive control, and management mode for quick control
  • Interoperability with business processes : Service flows displayed, and diagrammed relationship among services