This is WeMB’s Xeniview Page.

Next-Generation Integrated IT Management Reporting System

The heterogeneous system accompanying the evolution of rapidly changing IT services, the multi platform and the advanced management ideas demanded by key applications are integrated in a timely manner, and quick management responses are provided through an intelligent system.

Xeniview provides systematic and effective integrated IT reporting techniques for complex and diverse IT infrastructure management. With the minimum system changes, a system can be configured in which the business logic is completely separated from the presentation layer.

Main Functions and Characteristics
  • Functionality : Quick responses to big data retrieval and transaction processing through the use of the first-row method
  • Productivity : Improvement of satisfaction, work and systems by providing diverse application UI and components
  • Development : Quick fault responses and easy maintenance through simplified logic
  • Operability : Improved ROI through the streamlining of sales / marketing /planning / decision-making processes and improvement of operation efficiency
Additional Information
  • Web browsers
  • Screen authoring tool /web integration tool
  • Print authoring tool
  • Admin server
  • Active X / HTML / Applet
  • Client integration tool
  • Web server /JSP /Servlet
  • Servlet / EJB Contaier / EJB
  • OS Hardware
  • HTML, ActiveX, Applet(view) / JSP.Servlet(control) / EJB(Model)