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Analyzing, Learning, and Detecting with the Deep Learning Algorithm
The analysis/prediction solution enables proactive responses by analyzing and detecting symptoms in real time.


TOBIT SPA analyzes and studies the performance, event, and log information integrated and collected during IT operation using various deep-running algorithms in a GPU-based environment capable of high-speed parallel processing to detect abnormal symptoms in real time and to proactively respond so as to sustain stable and highly reliable IT services.

Implementation Area

  • DATABASE 정보 수집

    Abnormal performance symptoms

    Big-data processing of individual systems’ overall operational performance and business execution information and detection of abnormal symptoms

  • XML 정보 수집

    Abnormal log symptoms

    Tokenization of the logs generated from individual systems to analyze and study the log generation pattern

  • Modbus TCP 정보 수집

    Event association analysis

    Analyzing the association between events and detecting abnormal symptoms of events by integrating the individual monitoring system generation event, abnormal performance symptoms, and abnormal log symptoms


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