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Efficient Integration and Information Collection of Big Data
The bigdata management solution helps utilize complex information.

Real-time MultiIT Infrastructure Data Integration Solution, TIM

TIM is a data integration solution that collects, integrates, and stores the configuration, performance, and event information generated and provided by various solutions, including SMS, NMS, AMS, FMS, EMS, ESM, ITSM, and BACKUP, in real time, and provides the real-time data upon the user’s request.

Key Feature

  • 01Management Function

    Provides integrated management of TIM Agent configuration, start/stop, and operation status on TIM Manager

  • 02Configuration Information

    Periodically collects and stores the configuration information (equipment name, IP, model, CPU/memory) of the management system

  • 03Performance Information

    Collects and stores real-time data and batch-processes and manages the performance statistics data

  • 04Event Information

    Collects and comprehensively manages events from various solutions, and reprocesses them from the point of integrated managementl


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