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Recruitment > Welfare System
We Consider the Values of People.
Exciting Life, Healthy Life, and Reliable Life

We hope our employees will

lead an exciting life. We hope their lives are based on being healthy. We hope our employees will rely on WeMB. WeMB provides a welfare system to achieve all these.

  • Exciting WeMB

  • Healthy WeMB

  • Reliable WeMB

Exciting WeMB

  • Long-term employee award system

  • Excellent employee award system

  • Condominium (recreational facility)

  • Mutual aid society, clubs

Healthy WeMB

  • Regular health check-up

  • Group insurance for the employees

Reliable WeMB

  • Four major insurances and retirement pension

  • Tuition & education support

  • Welfare points

  • Various congratulations and condolences